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Zagromix 368

Zagromix 368

Zagromix 368 is a concentrated vitamin premix. It is carefully formulated to satisfy the vitamin and mineral requirements of poultry animals by incorporating only small amount of the premix.

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Zagromix 368 is composed of concentrated feed grade vitamins formulated based on the specific need of poultry- whether for growth, egg production,

Dosage and Administration

Poultry / Dosage
Broiler Starter : Mix 250-300 g per ton of feed.
Broiler Grower/Finisher : Mix 200-250 g per ton of feed.
Layer : Mix 250-300 g per ton of feed.
Breeder : Mix 300-350 g per ton of feed

Storage Recommendation

Store in a cool and dry place; protected from heat and light.


25 Kg

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