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Calpozag is concentrated calcium supplement specifically design for dairy cows to meet calcium demand at calving.

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During calving, fetus is at peak growth while initiation of milk production also occurs. In fact, the first milk that the cows produce known as colostrum have approximately twice as much as calcium than the normal milk. With such situations demand for calcium is very significant. Moreover, calcium is very essential for proper muscular activity. During labor and delivery of calves, dairy cow requires mascular effort especially the uterine muscles. This process requires a lot of calcium in addition to energy.

However as calving approaches, some hormonal imbalance and other factors influence fee intake. As a result, less calcium may be absorbed yet demand is increasing and therefore supplementation of calcium such as in Calpozag is necessary.


- Provides significant amount of calcium to dairy cows, before and after calving, where dietary calcium may be lacking

- Has a role in normal growth and maintenance of bones, nervous system, muscle function, blood clotting mechanism and cardiac function

- Has a role in maintaining cellular integrity and healthy nerve and muscle function

- Is involved in the normal digestion and utilisation of dietary nutrients

- Has a role in muscular contraction, nerve function and relaxation of the heart muscle

Directions for use

Administer 200 mL per head before and after calving using drench gun with 8-10 hours interval.

* Repeat treatments at shorter interval if necessary.

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