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Anavite Swine Minerals Conc

Anavite Concentrate Product Range is concentrated feed grade vitamin and mineral premix line of Zagro for feedmill and farm use. This premix range allows the user to incorporate only a small amount of premix to satisfy the requirement of the animals.

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Anavite Swine Concentrate Range is composed of concentrated feed grade vitamin and mineral premixes that are formulated based on the specific need of pigs- whether for growth, egg production, or reproduction.


Designed to provide the specific needs of pigs for growth, meat production, and reproduction.

Dosage & Administration

- Mix 1 kg per ton of feeds of Pre-starter/Starter Piglets and Lactating Sows.

- Mix 0.75 kg per ton of feeds of Grower/Finisher Pigs, Sows and Boars.


25 Kg

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