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Lice Control for Cattle

Lice infestation in cattle can cause serious welfare issues. Since lice can irritate cattle, causing them to damage fences, yards or trees as they rub and scratch their body to relieve irritation.  It can also lead to decrease in the hide value of the animal, as the scratching behaviour can affect the coats of cattle to take on a rough appearance and some areas of skin to be rubbed raw.

Zagro Australia produces a range of lice control products for cattle. Bovipour DT is a doramectin pour-on used to treat sucking and biting lice on beef and dairy cattle. Eprigard eprinomectin pour-on is used to induce paralysis and death in the target parasites, including lice on beef and dairy cattle. On the other hand, Nucidol® 200 EC is used to control not just cattle lice, but also buffalo flies.

Prevent lice from harming your herd with Zagro’s range of lice control for cattle. Contact us for enquiries.