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Lice Control for Sheep

To prevent sheep lice infestation, it’s necessary to have a strong lice control program, which includes regular monitoring of mobs for sheep lice.

Implementing careful and systematic inspection can lead to early detection and even prevent the introduction of new infestations.

For a stronger lice control program, integrate Zagro Australia’s range of sheep lice treatment that has different modes of action. The full range includes Akula ivermectin concentrate for fly and lice, Eureka Gold diazinon backline treatmentHercules pour-on for lice, and Renegade sheep dip. Both Eureka Gold and Hercules can be used for off-shears treatment, while Akula can be used for long-woolled sheep.

Achieve eradication of sheep lice in your farm by incorporating our products into your lice control program. Contact us for enquiries.