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Endoparasiticides, also known as internal parasiticides, are products used to control internal parasites, such as gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworms that attack animals. Parasitic diseases can affect an animal’s growth, health, reproduction, and productivity, and severe cases can even result to death.

Zagro Australia offers endoparasiticides, such as oral drenches for sheep and pour-on dewormers for cattle, that can be used to control internal parasites.

The range includes Boviour DT pour-on for beef and dairy cattle, Eprigard eprinomectin pour-on, Raiden low volume abamectin drench for sheep and lambs, Ranger antiparasitic drench for sheep and lambs, and Viking low volume combination oral anthelmintic for sheep and lambs.

To learn more about the use of each endoparasiticide, send us an enquiry.