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Zagribind is an effective mycotoxin binder consist of Hydrated sodium-calcium aluminosilicate. It absorbs significant amount of toxins and thus preventing it from intestinal absorption by the animals. It selectively bind the mycotoxins only, leaving the nutrients to be absorbed in the intestinal system.

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Mycotoxin is a big threat in the profitability of farm production as it affects almost all stages of animals and can significantly cause low efficiency in animal performance. These toxins are commonly seen in feed raw materials with high moisture content and damaged kernels or grains. These condition will favor proliferation and growth of fungi in the raw materials and will in turn produce secondary metabolites (mycotoxins). Feeding animals with mycotoxin-contaminated feeds will affect the animals’ health leading to poor growth, low reproduction capacity and in worst case may lead to death.

At certain level of toxins and moisture of raw materials, it is a must to add potent mycotoxin binder like Zagribind to prevent the occurrence and treat the existing toxins in the feeds.

Directions for use
Mix 1 to 5 kg per ton of feeds

Storage Recommendation
Store in a cool and dry place; protected from heat and light.

25 Kg

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