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Feed Additives

Zagro is a manufacturer and supplier of non-medicated animal feed additives that are proven and tested by an ISO/ IEC 17025:2005-awarded and SAC-SINGLAS-accredited laboratory. Our product range includes vitamin and mineral premixes, probiotic and enzyme concentrate, organic acid and toxic binder, and supplement. These non-medicated feed additives for chickens, swine, cattle, and aquatic animals are developed by our team of qualified nutritionists and veterinarians.

One of the risks in the inappropriate use or overuse of medicated feeds in animals is antimicrobial resistance, which can be transferred to humans. Thus, the use of non-medicated feed additives is one way to counter this risk.

Aside from that, other benefits and advantages of using non-medicated additives include increasing the feed efficiency due to amino acids, vitamins, and minerals found in the feed. Since it also prevents infectious diseases, it improves the livestock’s growth rate and helps strengthen the animals’ immune systems.

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