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Customer Testimonials

One of our Australian farmers shared how they use EUREKA GOLD® for their sheep shearing program. Eureka Gold® is and APVMA-approved spray-on for sheep, ideal for rotating off other Lousicides containing Imidacloprid, Abamectin and Spinosad.


LitterPro, is a blend of different strain of beneficial microorganisms which are capable of reducing ammonia gas production in Broiler Farms. This natural action of beneficial microorganisms prevents respiratory and any ammonia-related problems within the farm. It has significantly enabled farmers to maintain dry litter in poultry farms.


Testimonial from a Farm Manager in Sri Lanka. Zagro products have been used by Breeder Farmers for more than 15 years. Zagro is a Trusted brand among Breeder Farmers, and we are pleased to serve our customers with a long-lasting relationship.