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Zagro's Ultraxide Disinfectant Proven Effective Against African Swine Fever
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Zagro's Ultraxide Disinfectant Proven Effective Against African Swine Fever

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Zagro has recently conducted testing of its key disinfectant, Ultraxide, against African Swine Fever (ASF). Zagro believes that at this point in time, only a sound biosecurity measure is feasible against ASF, with no vaccine nor other medical treatment currently available.

ASF has been causing a large number of infections in pigs across Europe, China and the Asia with devastating effect to the farms and to the Economy.


Zagro had commissioned for independent evaluation of Ultraxide against the ASF virus in Spain, in accordance with the EN 14675 test method, which was modified to enable testing against the ASF virus. CISA is the European Union reference laboratory for ASF since 2002.

Ultraxide had achieved complete inactivation of the ASF virus at a 1:300, 1:200, and at 1:100 dilution rate at the exposure time of 5 minutes.

The test method employed included the presence of organic matter and hard water, and the test was conducted at low temperature (10˚ C) in order to assess Ultraxide’s performance and suitability for use in various farm set ups across the continent.


The results provided confirmation of the efficacy of Ultraxide in deactivating the African Swine Fever virus rapidly, not only in a laboratory set up but also in real life farm settings.


Zagro is a leader in agrisolutions with footprints in more than 70 countries. Extensively used in farming communities worldwide, the company’s range of disinfectants, specifically Ultraxide, are tested to destroy animal viruses.


As part of Zagro’s commitment to providing biosecurity solution and support for ASF control with Ultraxide, Zagro’s team can be contacted via email ( or phone call (1800 144 884).

* Please note that African Swine Fever is exotic to Australia, but it still poses a threat to pig-producing countries, including Australia.