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Lice Control

It’s necessary to have a biosecurity plan for preventing and controlling louse infestation of ruminants as the economic costs of lice infestations in livestock can be substantial. The core components of an effective biosecurity program against lice include preventing lice from being introduced to the flock or herd, quickly identifying risks once lice has been introduced, applying preventive measures and effective management strategies, and monitoring mobs for signs of lice.

Zagro Australia boasts a range of lice control and treatment products that can be integrated to biosecurity programs. The range of lice control products for sheep, cattle, goats, horses, and pigs includes Akula ivermectin concentrate; Eureka Gold spray-on off-shears treatment; Hercules pour-on for lice; Bovipour DT doramectin pour-on; Eprigard eprinomectin pour-on; and Nucidol® 200 EC.

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