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Increase Egg Production Efficiency in Laying Hen

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Are you facing problems related to poultry egg production?

Are you wondering why there’s a sudden drop in egg production in your laying hen? Or why your Birds are not laying eggs yet?

Before wondering how you can get your birds to lay eggs again or how to increase egg production in commercial layers, it’s best to understand why there’s a decrease in yield in the first place.

Behavioural, environmental, nutritional and stress factors can cause fluctuations in the rate of egg production. All these factors are controllable, and understanding thesefactors can help resolve egg production issues.

Zagro’s range of products for the protection and nutritional solution of poultry address the common reasons that affect egg production of poultry layer.

Factors Affecting Egg Production of Layers

Here are the most common factors and the Zagro products that can be used to avoid reduced egg production. (Scroll down below to view the range of products that can address specific issues.)

1. Fluctuations in Weather (Heat stress)

Slightest deviation in temperature can affect egg production, and extreme changes in weather can greatly affect chickens. When the weather approaches the colder months, the days are shorter which affects egg production, while in the summer months, it’s heat stress that can lead to significant health and welfare problems. The optimal temperature for egg laying range from 65° F to 75°F(18° C to 24° C).

Product to use: Nilstress

Nilstress is a water-soluble supplement powder containing vitamins and electrolytes that addresses heat stress typically brought high temperature under tropical condition.

2. Overcrowding

Overcrowding of layer houses is another common reason why hens might stop laying eggs. Keeping too many chickens in a small area can cause stress in chicken which will result to reduced egg production.

Product to use: Amilyte 

Amilyte is a water soluble powder that has a formulation of vitamins, electrolytes and amino acids. Used as a supplement to promote growth and health in poultry, it can improve fertility, egg production and hatchability in poultry layers.


For more information on how to boost egg production in layers or questions about Zagro’s range of poultry nutrition products, email or call 1800 144 884.