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The immune system contributes to the overall well-being of animals and protect them from diverse microbial invaders. Whether it is bacteria, virus or parasite, the animals’ immune system has its way of detection and destruction of these microorganisms. This is the reason it is important to help the immune system mechanism to be up and running properly.

To ensure that the invading harmful microorganisms does not overcome the animal’s immune system, several products are used to complement and contribute to the reinforcement of its functions.

Zagro being a company that aims to provide Agri solution, has manufactured products that will complement and boost the immunity of animals. Its Immuno Booster Pack namely Zagrosol ES, Nilstress and Ultraxide, will help ensure that the animals will be protected from harmful microorganisms from various aspects in the farm.

Zagrosol ES is an oral liquid supplement that has concentrated Vitamin E and Selenium. These acts as biological antioxidants and helps increase animals’ resistance to infections. These acts as biological antioxidants and helps increase animals’ resistance to infections. Vitamin E protects the animal’s cell membrane against the destructive effects of free radicals while Selenium destroys peroxides in the cytoplasm, thus, promoting healthy epithelial tissues.

Vitamin E produces an immune protein called interleukin-2, which induces the multiplication of white blood cells that fight harmful microorganisms and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

Aside from infectious microorganisms, Stress like transport, chemical exposures, overcrowding and extreme temperatures can also weaken the immune response of the animals. Proper nutrition is usually compromised during stress, thus, supplementing the animals with these nutrients is necessary. Nilstress provides animals with balance amounts of multivitamins which is needed during stress period. It has significant amounts of electrolytes to replenish ions loss during stress most specially under heat stress and thus improve the animals state of hydration and get them back on feed. Nilstress will alleviate the negative effects of stress and help the animal’s immune mechanism be strong and properly functioning.

Biosecurity is also vital in keeping diseases away from the animals. It helps reduce the exposure and transmission of disease-causing pathogens onto and to neighbouring farms. Disinfectant has a crucial role in biosecurity. It is an agent that deactivates infection-producing organisms and are made from substances that kill both harmless and disease producing organisms.

Zagro’s Ultraxide, a high-performance disinfectant formulated with active ingredients of glutaraldehyde and quaternary ammonium compounds, is suitable for use on all types of farms, livestock buildings, hatcheries, slaughterhouses, processing plants and for disinfecting equipment. It is a potent disinfectant that provides control over pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.


From the cellular level to various kinds of stresses up to farm premises, Zagro’s Immuno Booster Pack helps control and prevent invasion of harmful microorganisms and aids in complementing the animal’s immune system. These products boost the animal’s immunity against infections and diseases and keep the animals healthy.