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Ultraxide™ is the antidote to calm your farm hygiene concerns
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Ultraxide™ is the antidote to calm your farm hygiene concerns

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Ultraxide™ is the antidote to calm your farm hygiene concerns

If you are the typical farmer constantly thinking of what are the best farm disinfectant products in the market to address your farm hygiene concerns, you are not alone. At Zagro, and with over six decades of agricultural industry experience, we have long recognized that farm hygiene is inevitably going to one of the major forefronts when it comes to minimizing cross contamination and infectious rates, and that is why Ultraxide™, one of Zagro's core farm disinfectant products was developed, marketed, and sold widely as one of the top choices among farmers selecting the best quality farm disinfectant products.

Why use Ultraxide™?

As any other farm hygiene products out in the market, farmers will naturally question the effectiveness of the product, and as most will expect, farmers want the cheapest, fast, reliable, and it is made with top quality, globally recognized farm disinfectant product.

At Zagro, we understand the demands farmers placed on our products, therefore Ultraxide™ is comprehensively developed, and tested in our in-house laboratory before it even gets out into the market to be sold as the number one choice for farm disinfectant products. We have also garnered several quality recognitions during the various stages of the product development process.

For more information on Zagro’s Ultraxide™ product, do check out the comprehensive product details found here.

What are the common farm diseases that Ultraxide™ seek to address?

Increasingly, there have been bizarre stories, but could sometimes act as one of the deterrents against major farm disease outbreaks such as a recent Bloomberg article which talks about Chinese farmers setting up multi-storey “Hog Hotels” as sanctuaries to ward off African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreaks.

However, such solutions come at potentially high costs which not many farmers, especially those coming from the developing economies can ill afford. In fact, the so-called “Hog Hotels” might even be seen as a luxury item that these farmers will never have the financial resources in their lifetimes to be spent on.

Therefore, while ASF outbreaks might come as totally unexpected, prevention and daily sanitization using Zagro’s signature Ultraxide™, which is a proven product at one of the European Union (EU) ASF reference laboratories for its effectiveness against ASF, will be the right choice to safeguard your farms.

Avian Influenzas. Ultraxide™ could be your savior?

As of 2021, there have not been many cases of widespread severe avian flu outbreaks. However, according to a 01 June Reuters article, it was reported that China saw its first human case of infection with a rare bird flu strain known as H10N3. The case was initially reported by Beijing’s National Health Commission (NHC).

Indeed, while as rare as it may be for such cases of H10N3 avian flu strains to occur in the midst of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of having a good and reliable quality farm disinfectant product such as Ultraxide™ which is independently proven at one of the renowned Thailand universities against Avian influenzas, has never been emphasized more than ever that farmers need to ensure that they do not lose sight or to let their guards down against possible outbreaks of new strains of avian flu infections.

Need any more convincing on Ultraxide™?

There you have it, we have laid out the various uses, and benefits of Ultraxide™. If you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at Zagro. It is only an email, a phone call, and a chat away with one of Zagro’s product experts to address all your concerns about Ultraxide™ or any of Zagro’s products. While we may not have all the answers, our brand name, and quality recognitions are some of Zagro’s hallmark achievements which speak to itself. So, why wait? Hurry now! Contact us now to find out more.