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Amilyte: Success in Improving Farm Productivity
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Amilyte: Success in Improving Farm Productivity

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Amilyte, a long-standing, and nostalgic product that Zagro had carried over the past 3 decades has been the right product for the right needs of farm animals which are deprived of the needed nutrients.

Zagro is a farm-oriented business, and farm businesses are our lifelong partners. Therefore, it is natural that we aim to carry through the tradition of our products such as Amilyte with a promise that our farm customers will continue to last through several generations and challenges, and their farm animals will not be suffering from malnourishment as a result of the lack of the much-needed nutrients to sustain their growth cycles.


What is Amilyte and why is it so important for long-term farm performance?

Briefly, Amilyte is a water-soluble product formulated with multivitamins, Amino acids, and electrolytes to promote healthy growth and yields among farm animals. It has been long known that farm animals which are kept in tight enclosures with limited space to maneuver tend to suffer from various diseases eventually. Under such stressful conditions, it is inevitable that agitation, stress, and competition for food will negatively affect the animals. If left unmanaged, farm productivity, both short-term and long-term, will gradually fall, thus farm businesses are increasingly concerned about the damage of profits that will pose on them given the loss of farm productivities.

With over 6 decades of agricultural solutions experience, Zagro understands fully the farm owners’ concerns. With the science and technological experiences Zagro has garnered over the past years, we came up with Amilyte 3 decades ago, and this product sparked off a trail of successes in improving overall farm productivity and gained the trust of our customers through our all-rounded technical support focusing at understanding the customers’ needs, and constantly improving overall customer satisfaction.


How Zagro plans to move Amilyte forward?

Zagro aims to improve and transform our range of products, including Amilyte, while keeping to the age-old traditions of tackling issues faced by farm businesses like vitamin deficiencies, dehydration, and exhaustion among their livestock. Zagro constantly listens to the needs of the customers which are constantly evolving especially with the onset of various stresses coming from overcrowding, transportation, vaccination, disease outbreak, and different feeding strategy. This is evidenced by the immense amount of research and development efforts being placed in not only to fulfill the main product roles of Amilyte, but also to improve the efficacy and effectiveness of the product when faced with various stress situations and disease outbreaks.

Zagro is also constantly evolving as an organization and we believe in constantly improving our products like Amilyte to suit the changing needs of our farm challenges. We stand ready to help our partners grow, and Amilyte will be positioned alongside with missions for further future growth.